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People & Homes of the Era


1. Harlan P. Bird  - was born August 2nd, 1838, the son of a Smithfield Pennsylvania farmer. His partnership with J. W. Wells was to benefit the community with its successful logging operations. H. P. Bird was very involved in community projects through out his life. In 1902 he was elected to State Senator and served two four year terms. Bird was married in 1869 to Sarah J. Fairchild who died in 1904. His married his second wife,  Laura D. Mott of Danville ILL. in 1906. 

2. H.G. Laun - Owner operator Laun Bros. Lumber Co. Some time prior to 1915, HG purchased a full block enclosed by 1st street on the east, Church Street on the west, and Van Buren on the North.  He built his home in 1915 on the Northeast side of the block, fronting First St. The house was remodeled in 1920. The building was sold in 1965 and eventually burned down in 1972. The former Frank and Pauline Orlando home is the current location of the old Laun home.

3. H.P. Christ

4. Amos Christ - Co-owner of Christ & Smith Grocery. Home is currently owned by June Caine who with her husband Pat, restored the Victorian Home to its original condition.

5. Knute Anderson - lived with his three daughters, Tantie, Lorraine, and Sidone, in a large stucco house painted tan. Knute always walked around town with a cigar in his mouth and a huge roll of bills in his pocket. Knute owned a slot machine business and his Lavengo Cigar factory.


6. George  Bogrand Senior -  George E. Bogrand Sr. during his life was Owner Editor of the Wausaukee Independent Newspaper from 1895 till his death in 1942, Wausaukee Postmaster (18 Years), President of Wausaukee State Bank (1913-1934), member of the Telephone Co. Board of Directors, and a director of the Wausaukee Board of Education. George died in Apr 1942. His son George Bogrand Jr. continued to publish the paper but did not have his fathers business experience. Several people tried to keep the paper going but the paper eventually closed.

7. John Monroe - Built in 1883 by John S. Munroe, the log cabin was one of three original buildings that made up the community of loggers that started what would later become the Village of Wausaukee. Monroe shipped timber, cedar posts, pilings and railroad ties from this tiny community. The Log cabin served as a boarding house, hotel, post office and the only eatery north of Green Bay for many years .

8. Ferdinand H. Laun - The house was purchased by H.G. Laun for a residence. It was originally built as a blacksmith shop in the 1890's with two stories and a basement. It was later converted to a two flat with an apartment on the main level and one on the second floor.

9. Gil Gustaveson - Owner of the Gustaveson Royal Crown Gas Station on Hwy 141 across from the Hotel Wausaukee.

Former Doctors in the Area

Dr.s Bell and Anderson

Dr. Horswell

Dr. Thomas

Dr. DiSalvo Owned Former HP Bird home

Alice Lee Clinic - St. Augustine Church Building


1. Dr Bell & Anderson - The Independent - Wausaukee 10/21/1905: On the site of the F. C. Miller's drug store is the location of the Wausaukee Emergency Hospital which opened as an experiment in January 1905 by  Dr.'s Bell and Anderson, the doctors will expand their hospital  by adding one story to complete a ward sufficient to handle 25 beds. Contractors Louis Slaets and N. M. Toutloff started the work this week and it will be rushed to completion. The demand for the medical services has exceeded their capacity forcing them to expand.

Five private rooms are available as well as the ward when completed and their will be a staff nurse, Miss Wangberg from Marinette, on site upon completion of the ward.

Two forms of tickets are available, and they report a good sale of the $10 tickets, which entitle the holder to medical and surgical treatment and board, whenever disabled by sickness or accident at any time during one year after the ticket is issued. A monthly ticket is also issued upon payment of $1, which entitles the holder to medical or surgical treatment. Agents for the hospital are now selling the tickets to woodsmen in the camps and quite a number have been sold to residents of the village.  The actual physical location of this site has not yet been determined

2. Dr. Ulysses Morton Horswell - Their home and office was next to the Stumbris Plumbing/Payant Grocery Building and burned down some years ago, to be replaced by a Habitat For Humanity Home. Dr. Horswell was the town medical doctor and had a course grip when he checked my throat and a maniacal laugh that was pretty scary; he was a scrawny little guy with a short beard, stained teeth and always smelled of tobacco. His office smelled like a mixture of antiseptic, formaldehyde and stale tobacco smoke. Dr. Horswell was also the County Health Officer. hank laun

3. Dr Thomas - Lived with his wife Alma and was the local Dentist  in the area. His office was on the second floor of the bank building. Doctor Thomas worked alone, no nurse, no receptionist. His office smelled like anesthetic.  There was no worse fate than to sit in that chair and watch the whirring belt driven drilling machine while Doc drilled out the cavity and filled it, usually without Novocain. Hank Laun

4. Dr. DiSalvo - The former HP Bird Residence was purchased by Dr. DiSalvo and was located where the Wausaukee Dental Office now stands. He was  in his early 50's and had earned his way thru medical school as a professional boxer.  His  wife was Evelyn and they both raised her five children from a former marriage. His fees were $2.00 for an office visit and $3.00 for a house call. Complaints were raised when he increased his office visits to $3.00.

5. Dr. Alice Lee - Was a local medical doctor until her retirement. Her clinic was run up at the building adjacent to the St. Augustine Catholic Church which was the former Nuns quarters.

6. Dr. Supita - was brought in to do general dentistry and the building that currently is our dental office had been built for that purpose. Dr. Supita vacated the dentistry office after a dispute with the Village and a new dentist was sought to fill the Wausaukee area needs.

Current Medical Services in the Area

Brad Romanesko DDS

Wausaukee Medical Clinic




7. Dr. Bradly Romanesko - Our dentist runs his Wausaukee office from 9 am to 5 pm Wednesdays and is located at 1009 Riverside Ave.  His main office is in Marinette, WI. The building was built by the Village of Wausaukee for a Dental Clinic. The first Dentist to occupy the building was Dr. Supita of Crivitz and was later replaced by Dr. Bradley Romanesko.

8. Wausaukee Medical Clinic - is located at 536 Kenny Drive off Hwy 141 in Wausaukee and is affiliated with Dickinson Memorial Hospital in Iron Mountain, MI. They currently offer Family Practice, Exams, Diagnostics, Physical Therapy and lab work for the area.  


Wausaukee Evergreen Cemetery


     Located on Fairgrounds road approximately 1/2 mile east of the Marinette County Fairgrounds property. Established in 1890 by John S Monro, the founder of the Village of Wausaukee,  after his daughter Sara died in her infancy.  Cemetery records from the earlier years were destroyed in a fire leaving some of the earliest grave site locations undocumented.

     The cemetery has been expanded several times. The current active section is to the North  and  is being used up before the expansion to the west field which was donated by Marinette County.  For interesting stories about the cemetery click onto the link below.

     Stories of the Graveyard PDF.  

     Gravestone Photos produced by Larry & Linda Kopet on the USGenWeb  Archives Project. Touch the link for the USGen Web Archives Project to go to the web page.

     PDF Printable List of all gravesites included in the USGenWEb Archives Project for Wausaukee Evergreen Cemetery.

8/19/11    F-1 Class Tornado Hits Wausaukee

National Weather Service announced a Tornado Warning at 4:30 pm for the Wausaukee Area, kills one and misses population areas.

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Note: Many thanks to the continuing information coming from private citizens, The Wausaukee Independent Newspaper,  the library, and former residents of the area. As our site grows, so does the interest and willingness of people to assist us in this effort.


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